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What is JobPage?

JobPage is a ‘crowd sourced’ job service that helps job seekers and their communities find employment. It helps job seekers find work using the power of crowds and tapping into the human spirit of wanting to help others.

JobPage is a social jobs network where its members go out and find inspirational jobs published on company websites and then share them with their friends, family and the JobPage community who may be looking for work.

JobPage uses the principles behind social media to engage the “younger, digital generation”, who are currently facing the greatest barriers when seeking employment

JobPage supports the current trend in people seeking flexible ways of working, including freelance, job share, apprenticeships, internships, working from home, remote working and also including traditional permanent jobs

It’s a free service for both job seekers and businesses – helping boost employment and stimulate growth in the economy.

Who is behind JobPage?

JobPage is an unique service, developed by an innovative tech startup based in TechHub in Google’s Campus London building (Silicon Roundabout) in London

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A quote from JobPage Co-founder

“People often come across jobs when browsing the web that they know would be perfect for a friend, but for one reason or another they fail to let them know. JobPage makes it quick and easy to share work opportunities with other people, inspiring them to find a job they love.”

What JobPage is not

JobPage is not just another job board… JobPage is something new, something new and something different. The jobs you see here on JobPage have all been added because at least one person recommended them. We don’t aggregate jobs. We don’t allow mass posting of jobs. Every job you see on JobPage is there because a real person has personally endorsed it to help someone else find a new job.