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Social Recruiting Feature

Social Recruiting with JobPage Recruit

Use social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to find and recruit the best talent

What is Social Recruiting?

Social recruiting uses social media to engage with job candidates and connect them to jobs. 90% of employers either use or plan to use social media in the recruitment process. In fact, 87% of employers already use LinkedIn and ⅔ use two or more networks for recruitment. That means that the best candidates can be found using popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Social recruiting has seen significant growth since 2009 and the reason is obvious: we live in a social world.

How does social recruiting work?

Recruiters can search candidates who are actively looking for jobs on LinkedIn, check out a candidate’s Twitter stream, or even do a Facebook search to see the candidate’s personality.

The benefits are very compelling: a recruiter can paint a fuller picture of a candidate by combining traditional methods of recruiting (a CV/resume and cover letter) with more modern tactics such as connecting on LinkedIn, following and engaging on Twitter or conversing on Facebook about a potential candidate / company fit.

Introducing the JobPage Social Recruiting Platform

JobPage is the effective and simple to use social recruiting tool for hiring managers and recruiters. Our social recruiting platform provides the following:

  • The Visual CV. JobPage automatically researches the background of each applicant and scours hundreds of social profiles to produce a visual snapshot of the applicant.
  • Automatic Social Media Posts. We post and re-post on popular platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Candidate Search. Discover passive candidates & see valuable business intelligence about your social media contacts without spending time on research.
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Why should I use JobPage to help with my social recruiting?

JobPage has social recruiting built into its core. Not only does JobPage distribute jobs to all the leading job boards, we also publish and share the jobs across the leading social networks.

We know you’re busy, so JobPage will also re-post your job twice a day (spread throughout the day) for as long as you need to make sure the right people see your job. Don’t forgot some people might be looking for a new job in the morning, while others prefer to do their job hunting in the evenings or weekends. We’ve got you covered all day (literally).

If you’re finding it hard to attract the right candidates, it’s no problem, JobPage proactively searches across your social network connections to find and identify some of the best people for the job, before they’ve even applied to one of your jobs.

Try the JobPage Social Recruiting software today

How JobPage can help with your Social Recruiting

  • Social Recruiting

    Find and engage with talented professionals on the leading social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Post Jobs To Job Boards

    Post jobs to some of the best performing job boards available on the internet.

  • Launch Your Own Careers Website

    Build a careers microsite to promote your jobs, brand and company to a wide audience

  • Screen Candidates

    Automatically screen candidates when they apply. See their influence, reach and career background