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Zopa is hiring

C#/.Net Engineer

You will be working for Zopa as C#/.Net Engineer

About Zopa

Zopa is radically transforming the way consumers borrow and save money. We are the leading peer-to-peer lending company in Europe, delivering better value than traditional banks. More than 63,000 people have lent over £1.36 billion through Zopa since our launch in 2005, and we are regularly featured in the press as an innovator in our sector. We've been voted 'Most Trusted Personal Loan Provider' in the Moneywise Customer Awards for the past 6 years in a row.

A fast-moving online business, we want to use the people-powered model to make finance simple and fair.

Get in touch if you want to be instrumental in helping to scale Zopa, a fast-growing consumer tech company in a huge market with hard problems and smart people (and yes, the biggest peer-to-peer lender in Europe).

The role

This role will be the second hire for a new team at Zopa. Tasked with delivering growth experiments outside the scope of the core product: it’s this team’s job to identify and test new areas for Zopa to grow into - always founded in Zopa’s mission to deliver great value for customers by making money simple and fair.

What you'll be doing day-to-day

  • Working with the Head of Strategic Expansion to build new pathways for Zopa’s growth - that means quite a bit of shipping code
  • Interfacing with the wider development and data science teams to learn from their experience and get their help and buy-in where appropriate
  • Giving your input on and executing our innovation strategy from a technical standpoint - whether it’s fairer car loans, international products, or something we haven’t thought of yet
  • Building a small, nimble team of 'mavericks' - developers who, like you, enjoy the challenge of rapidly building and iterating on products
  • Embedding a lean and data-informed product development process to ensure we are learning the right things to make decisions as fast as possible
  • Championing the trial and use of interesting new technologies across the unit, and if relevant, the wider team

It’s an exciting time to join the biggest peer-to-peer lender in Europe. We’re growing triple-digits year-on-year, and this role is a high-impact position. If you’re who we’re looking for, meaningful equity and the opportunity to learn what it takes to take a tech company from early adopters to mass market await. Of course, we also pay market-level salary, offer a number of benefits, and are based in a central London location near Clerkenwell.

About you

You’re an entrepreneurial programmer.

This means that while you can build to requirements, you’d much rather be involved in defining them in the first place. You’re most likely someone who would like to ‘do their own thing’ in the future - you’ve just not found the right idea or the right co-founders yet.

You are driven by a passion to solve real user problems in the most elegant and technically innovative way. You are hell-bent on shipping great products, testing them quickly, and iterating from there.

You also care deeply about improving financial services for the everyman and woman, which ultimately means delivering exceptional disruptive financial products.

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • A keen interest in hard problems: Zopa is a technology company in the financial services space. We’re working on technically and legally challenging products, so you’ll need a keen interest in the financial services component of what we do. The upside is that there are not many things that are more important to people’s lives than their financial situation, so you have a chance to build some genuinely meaningful products.
  • A knack for connecting dots: You’re not happy when you only know one part of a system - you love knowing how everything works together, and figuring out ways to build things fast and elegantly. You’re also good at communicating with others and collaborating.
  • A hacker mindset: You know that ideas are cheap and only as valuable as their execution. You like shipping products and building things. While you have your preferred stack you’re always looking out for interesting new technology. Perhaps you’re tinkering with new programming languages on your time off, building something in Swift, or trying to hack together an IoT prototype that means you never run out of milk.
  • Cultural fit: We’re a smart, low-ego, pragmatic bunch. We like people who focus on collaborating in a transparent way, which also sometimes means having the hard conversations to keep things healthy. You won’t be spoon-fed tasks, so you’ll have to enjoy being entrepreneurial and accountable for your own work.

And we’d like it if you…

  • Are active and recognised in the developer community (e.g. participation in meetups like LRUG, other community events, and on Hackernews etc.)
  • Wrote a personal blog on which you actively comment on development related stuff
  • Were previously involved in a fast moving consumer tech company and/or financial services company (both incumbents and disruptors)

About our technology stack

The Zopa platform can be divided up into a number of layers. Our presentation/customer facing layer is mostly written in Ruby and our back end in .NET, SQL and Python.

We constantly experiment and aim to choose the right technology for the job. Recent introductions include our Python machine-learning engine and expanding the number of web services we use to carry out our credit checking and integrate with our payments. We’ve also introduced Elasticsearch, Event Store, and Docker and are exploring OpenStack and Artifactory to make our DevOps better. We believe in the benefits of collaboration and shared ownership and in the benefits of open-source technology which we will continue to employ where possible.

For your role, you will be able to suggest and use whatever technology you feel is best.

The Job

Team/Dept: Engineering Team

Job type: Permanent full time

Remote working possible: no

Level of experience required:

Salary/package: Competitive


This job is located in London, United Kingdom

Sorry, no agencies please


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Zopa are one of London's leading fintech companies, and we have some awesome plans for the next 24 months!