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Zed Zed Ltd is hiring

Web Developer - Remote Working

You will be working for Zed Zed Ltd as Web Developer - Remote Working

Position Description

You will become a developer representing the 'ZZ' brand but not employed directly by ZZ. This means that you retain your freedom and flexibility but at the same time you will be representing ZZ in the work that you do for us and our clients.

There are a wide range of projects you could be involved in however we will specifically look to match your skill base with the projects that are being requested so that you are comfortable in delivering them.

For example if your main experience and demonstrated skills are in eCommerce then these are the most likely projects you will be offered to begin with.


During the application process we will assess your ability using a series of specific questions. If we feel you are not ready for this opportunity we will let you know as it may do more harm than good if we let you through. However at ZZ we never say never. If you are happy you will be entered into our reserve list which may often be called upon or requested to assist giving you the chance to get a foot in the door.


Commercial experience is desirable but not essential. As long as we can see you will conduct yourself in a professional manor and be committed to the tasks ahead then we are willing to give you the opportunity to gain the experience with us.


All programming languages which are used commercially are of interest to us. If you can program in any of the following languages then please apply: PHP / .Net / Android / iOs / Java / Ruby / C / C++ / Python / Objective C.


Unless you are employed through the system on an 'hourly basis' most projects will require you to quote on them first. The sooner you quote the more likely you are to get the job however the price you quote is also a factor.

When you quote you don't have to produce 'war and peace' we present each function of the system in modular form and all you need to do is give a time frame for each of them. Your quotes are also saved so you can reuse for similar or identical projects enabling you to quote even faster. If you have comments or questions you can also do this within the quoting system.


We will be hosting all expenses paid Hackathons for our developers so when it is possible we can all get together and enjoy a fun social weekend whilst being creative and productive.


You set your level of pay at an hourly rate you are happy with. The better the rate the more likely you will be commissioned for each project. Developers are paid on a monthly basis for the invoices which are issued following work completed.


You will be asked to sign an NDA to proceed beyond the assessment stage. This is a 'non-disclosure agreement' and its purpose is to protects us and our clients because you will be handling sensitive information.

Selection Process:

Following your successful application we will contact you for a Skype interview at a time convenient for you. We will then give you a final decision as to whether we want you on the team now or if we think that you still need more time before joining us in which case you can join the reserves should you wish.

Apply NOW. We are open for applications, the sooner you apply the sooner you can get started.

You can apply by going to ZZ Developer Jobs

The Company

Why work for us:

At ZZ we believe our developers are the stars of the show. You have complete control over your pay, what hours you work and what jobs you work on.

Plus you get to represent a well established brand that is respected world wide.

About us:

We are a web development company that provide our services as a team of independent individuals called 'Team ZZ'. We are strong and effective because we have team members all over the world and we have every set of skills required for any level of job.

The Job

Team/Dept: Web Development

Job type: Freelance

Remote working possible: yes

Level of experience required:

Salary/package: You set your own rate of pay between £20-£80 per hour.


This is remote working job

Sorry, no agencies please


Apply for this job

Fill out as many answers that you can. The more accurate and detailed your responses, the more likely your application will be shortlisted by our team.

You can become a great web developer and set your own hours and rates of pay without being tied down to a 9-5