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Zed Zed Ltd is hiring

Remote Working Tech Sales Executive

You will be working for Zed Zed Ltd as Remote Working Tech Sales Executive

You will become a Sales Executive representing the 'ZZ' brand but not employed directly by ZZ. This means that you retain your freedom and flexibility but at the same time you will be representing ZZ in the work that you do for us and our clients.

Your responsibility will be to create leads for the company and work on those leads until conversion. At the point of conversion you will be assigned your commission and we will take over the project delivery. Once you convert a client they are yours for life so it is important you cultivate that relationship as every subsequent sale from it you will be credited for.

From time to time it is possible we may provide you with leads to follow up but usually the onus will be on you to find new prospective clients and offer our services through your own unique URL.


During the application process we will assess your ability using the questions we ask. If we feel you are not ready for this opportunity we will let you know as it may do more harm than good if we let you through. However at ZZ we never say never. If you are happy you will be entered into our reserve list which may often be called upon or requested to assist giving you the chance to get a foot in the door.


Commercial experience is desirable but not essential. As long as we can see you will conduct yourself in a professional manor and be committed to the tasks ahead then we are willing to give you the opportunity to gain the experience with us.


Sales Executives are paid a flat rate 10% on all projects that are paid and delivered. There is no limit to the earning potential and we expect that over time you will build up a significant client list which you will cultivate to process further sales with minimum effort. The rate at which you bring through new clients however will ultimately decide how far you can push your level of commission per year.

As with all positions Sales Executives are paid on a monthly basis for work invoiced within that month.


You will be asked to sign this NDA. This is a 'non-disclosure agreement' and its purpose is to protects us and our client because you will be handling sensitive information.

Selection Process:

Following your successful application we will contact you for a Skype interview at a time convenient for you. We will then give you a final decision as to whether we want you on the team now or if we think that you still need more time before joining us in which case you can join the reserves should you wish.

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Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for individuals who are go getters. We want people who are passionate and love what they do as well as Inquisitive and interested in other companies and their methods.

You must be confident on email, on the phone and in person.

The Company

Why work for us:

With ZZ you are not tied to a 9-5. There is no commuting to an office and you can set your own terms. The harder you work the more you earn.

Web Development / Tech Sales is very lucrative for sales executives. You earn 10% on every deal. On top of that you could be considered for a position of 'Sales Manager' for your region which will give you an extra 2.5% on top from everyone else's sales in your area.

About us:

ZZ is a Web Development company made up of highly talented Tech Professionals based all over the world. With our service and unparalled skill base we can tackle any internet challenge in any market.

The Job

Team/Dept: Sales & Marketing

Job type: Permanent full time

Remote working possible: yes

Level of experience required: 1years+ experience in sales or marketing but not necessarily in tech

Salary/package: 10% Commission on all sales and ongoing contracts


This is remote working job

Sorry, no agencies please


Apply for this job

Fill out as many answers that you can. The more accurate and detailed your responses, the more likely your application will be shortlisted by our team.

It's a great opportunity to get into the lucrative world of web development and software sales where just one client can mean a fortune in commission.