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Jobs at Domotz UK LLP

Current openings

  • Full-Stack Web-Master and Developer

    Domotz is a Smart Home/IoT Tech start-up based in London, UK that is changing the way people deal with their home networks and electronics. We’ve built the world’s first platform for monitoring, troubleshooting and accessing your home network and electronics from anywhere via mobile and web apps. Our dedicated team is made up of 21 full-time employees across our two offices. We are currently searching for a full-stack web-master and developer who has a real passion for digital design and web development to … View job >

About us

Domotz provides the most comprehensive set of tools to understand what is happening inside a connected environment and to deliver remote technical support assistance to homes and small business. 
We have two products, Domotz DIY for hobbyists, home network geeks and tech lovers and Domotz PRO for Home Automation professional, systems integrators, technology help desks and hardware manufacturers.
Domotz automatically scans your network for all connected technology and provides a full inventory of all connected devices in the home regardless of brand or protocol. It repeats the same exercise every 30 seconds and takes note of anything that has changed. 
After Domotz is running in a home or a business, users can monitor the functioning of any device, set alerts, remote desktop to any computers or any device (such as routers, printers, IP cameras and more), power devices remotely and run diagnostics to find out why the internet is slow. 
Domotz PRO users get access to advanced professional monitoring and diagnostic features tailored to technical support service administration, such as multiple VLAN and SNMP support, and get tools to determine the quality of a network’s connectivity. 
As technology becomes an integral part of a home, users rely on Domotz as their virtual IT manager and systems administrator. Whether on its own or in conjunction with an external help-desk, Domotz is the perfect companion to help end users navigate the complexity of technology and make sure everything is working 24/7.