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Jobs at What's the Big Picture

Current openings

  • PHP Developer

    PHP Developer. We’re looking for an enthusiastic and flexible junior to mid-level web developer to join our small and dynamic team in a company poised for significant growth. Reporting to the Head of Development, the successful candidate should thrive on creative, out-of-the-box solutions and be a firm believer in using MVC principles to write clean, standards-compliant, object-oriented code. You should also enjoy keeping up to date on any new web technologies and be keen to learn to new skills in order to develop yo… View job >

About us

What’s the Big Picture? provides companies with an affordable online “one stop shop” for market research, including a complete range of research tools (1:1 interviews, surveys, group discussions or ongoing feedback), guidance, best practice templates, "how to" guides and easy to use, all in one analysis.

What’s the Big Picture? is the SaaS (software as a service) version of the platform developed by a leading market research technology company, The Distilleries. The Distilleries provides research solutions for a number clients including Sky, News International, GE Healthcare and Next.

This is an all-in-one continuous reearch product delivering benefits such as:


  • A complete research toolkit – delivering an unrivalled, comprehensive and complementary range of integrated qualitative and quantitative research tools and not just surveys.
  • Research know-how – our research academy’s unique range of online "how to" guides, off the shelf best practice task & question templates and expert community Q&A, democratise research for business
  • Intuitive all in one analysis – an easy to use drag and drop interface allowing users to unleash powerful analysis to unlock the critical trends and key answers that would otherwise remain hidden.
  • Cutting edge automation & integration – connect to existing customer databases and configure and launch ongoing programmes; e.g. enable monthly automated customer satisfaction surveys
  • Sample - self-serve access to consumers for research