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VITOKITO.COM is hiring

Marketing expert with "energizer bunny" energy levels is required for a exciting social search engin

You will be working for VITOKITO.COM as Marketing expert with "energizer bunny" energy levels is required for a exciting social search engin

Role: Marketing Manager
Vitokito early stage start-up; we are all about sharing and saving time so that the world around us becomes more efficient and creative. Our job is to demonstrate how Vitokito make a difference in the world and help our users to achieve great things in shortest time possible. Our cutting edge ideas and novel thinking focuses on figuring out ways to make the user experience the best and most efficient it could be. We have no annoying adverts and the focus is always on the user, their experience and how we can make thing better- also the ideas and the technology that drives the movement forward.

The role: Marketing Manager
Vitokito Marketing Manager is flexible, hardworking marketer who clearly understands what Vitokito is all about and our ultimate goal. You will be in charge of developing our marketing strategy, find new and creative ways to increase our user base, recruit small and medium advertisers through efficient ROI-based campaigns designed to increase awareness, education and product adoption. You will also be required to build B2C marketing programs. You will work with our development team to assess user satisfaction and behaviour as well as acquire new advertisers in UK, Europe, and US and contribute to the overall positioning of Vitokito in the global business and consumer market.

• Recruit product leaders and relevant service providers in various fields that would adopt Vitokito platform and drive.
• Plan B2C activities and run awareness, education initiatives which have a positive impact on Vitokito’s brand.
• Develop creative assets and tools and manage agencies.
• Track and analyse marketing programs to optimise overall results and plan campaign and channel mix.
Minimum Qualifications:
• MA degree (in lieu of degree, relevant skills or equivalent experience).
• Experience in product marketing, direct marketing and marketing program management
Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience in working for or managing 3rd party agency programs.
• Understanding of the search, online advertising, or web publishing market.
• Strong interest in analysing products, customers and market dynamics and aptitude for determining the optimal way to position products in the market.
• Outstanding written and oral communication skills and strong organisational skills.
• Strong analytical skills required and proven track records in managing ROI campaigns and measurements.
• Fluency in English and preferably other European languages.

To apply: jobs@vitokito.com

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Job type: Permanent full time

Remote working possible: no

Level of experience required:



This job is located in London, England, United Kingdom

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