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Imagini Europe Ltd is hiring

Front End Developer

You will be working for Imagini Europe Ltd as Front End Developer

Would you like to work for a fast-growing, dynamic and entrepreneurial Shoreditch-based UK technology company with a big vision?

VisualDNA is a vibrant and stimulating place to work. We pride ourselves on our team which brings together some of the brightest minds in the business. Our people are outstanding problem solvers and talented thinkers with decades of industry experience. We offer an environment that fosters creative thought and is rich with learning opportunities.

At VisualDNA want to put users in control of the next-generation personalised web. We use image-based quizzes to enable users to easily communicate their wants, needs and interests and get relevant content, products, deals and advertising wherever they go online. We partner with major online publishers, agencies, advertisers and advertising networks in Europe and the US.

We use agile project management techniques. Our cloud-based systems are based on LAMP, Cassandra, Hadoop and Hive running on Amazon’s EC2 and a hosted data center. We primarily develop in PHP, with parts of the system using Java.

As a Front End Developer you will be part of a focused engineering team working on one of our two core products and report directly to the Technical Lead/Manager. You will be flexible and pragmatic with a positive “can do” attitude to delivering product to expected timelines, but you will also recognise the importance of good design, thorough QA and regular refactoring and code improvement. You will work predominantly with HTML, CSS and JS, but should be happy to help out with PHP development of web apps.

The role requires a committed and flexible professional to guide UI design and to implement web interfaces intended for the company’s own destination sites and products and for high-profile partner sites. You will be producing and evolving functional prototypes, converting them into browser-compatible code templates, co-ordinating asset generation, and implementing front-end application logic. The ideal candidate will combine technical expertise with creative, user-centric insight. You might be a fresh graduate who has studied solid front end coding skills or may have several years of experience under your belt already. As a strong team player, you will be working closely with the product management, QA, and Support teams to create and deliver great software.

Essential experience:
• Demonstrable portfolio of front end work
• Passion and awareness for principals of UI design
• Adobe Photoshop
• Hand coding semantic markup and maintainable stylesheets
• Understanding of objected-oriented, event-driven, functional, and declarative programming styles
• Strong understanding of raw JavaScript, DOM, and BOM
• Extensive experience with at least one major clientside library, ideally JQuery
• Use of browser-based debugging tools ie. Firebug, Chrome developer tools
• Sound knowledge of accessibility issues and strategies, usability principles and SEO techniques
• Working familiarity with web standards including HTTP, HTML4, CSS2.1, ES5, DOM, and WCAG2
• Interest in emerging web standards such as HTML5, WAI-ARIA, and CSS3
• Developing UI that works across all major browsers and operating systems
• Use of a templating language, especially Twig or Jinja
• Source control (e.g. Subversion or Git)

Preferred experience:
• Serverside scripting, ideally PHP
• Working with REST APIs
• *nix CLI familiarity
• Writing functional tests (e.g. using Selenium)
• Experience working in a start-up environment

You must be eligible to work in the United Kingdom without restrictions.

To apply, please fill in our online application form: http://goo.gl/T2itT and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

No agencies please.

About VisualDNA & Imagini Europe Limited

VisualDNA is a high growth marketing technology start-up based in London, UK. We’re the creators of a patented technology that’s at the cutting edge of web personalisation.

It’s well known that the amount of time people spend online is increasing and that the boundaries are blurring between all forms of media. What’s interesting is that methods for understanding what we all want and need as part of our day-to-day media consumption have attracted relatively little innovation.

It’s this area in which we’re pioneering our VisualDNA technology. We’re working in one of the most exciting growth areas in the online space with online display advertising predicted to grow to a $50bn business by 2015.

Our ultimate vision is to be the place where every user safely stores their digital persona and gets to decide who can use it in order to make their life easier. Our strategy to get us there is to work closely with both online publishers to help them understand exactly who it is that’s using their site and with media agencies and advertisers to help them reach the most appropriate audiences for their brands.

At VisualDNA, you’ll get to work with some really exciting companies who are innovating in the online space. Our partners include some of the most recognised global brands from publishers and advertisers to agencies and ad networks.

Our Manifesto

We all spend far too much of our lives working. It makes a lot of sense then to work somewhere that everyone loves what they are doing and with people that we respect and are inspired by. To us, this is not just a nice idea, it’s what we care about and what we make into a reality.

At VisualDNA, we’ve developed a method to rapidly understand people that is inherently powerful and has multiple applications in both online and offline environments. We work with people who are excited by the potential of the benefit it can bring to the people we profile and the businesses that work with the information we gather.

We love to work with brilliant people, but we don’t work with brilliant non-team players or people that fire the occasional genius shot followed by lots of blanks. We love diversity, as long as you embody and stick with our key values. Everyone here knows that no one can be given responsibility and that in order to have it, you need to take it. So, expect to take it when you join us and to keep running with it as well.

We believe in people working effectively – for us, it’s about delivering results that make a difference. We believe in rapid development of ideas and getting them in front of our customers as quickly as we can to see them working and learning from how they are used. We’ve learnt from our mistakes and know how easy it is to spending months locked away working on an idea only to release it and find that no one is that interested. This is why we don’t do that anymore.

Whilst we’ve been going for a few years now and have some strong financial backing behind us, we are still a start up. So please don’t come for an interview here if short working days are your priority.

Everyone that works here cares about making a difference, they care about success, they care about the people they work with and are passionate about understanding people. This is, above all, the main purpose of what we do. We are constantly looking for different and new ways of doing what we do better – so creatively in thought and action is an inherent quality of everyone that is here.

We reward the people that deliver great results and we rely on people’s commitment to make it all work. It’s not always easy – there are plenty of ups and plenty of downs as well – so if you are someone that wants a smooth consistent ride the whole time, then please try somewhere else.

We’re creating something really special and rely on special people to make it all happen. If you are someone that is inspired by this, please come and see us soon.

The Company

Why work for us:

http://www.visualdna.com/we-understand-people/ Overview First and foremost, VisualDNA is a technology that understands people. Our technology rapidly gains an understanding of an individual and gathers data that enables us to predict what an individual is likely to like and ‘why’ they are likely to like it. Our data is proven to increase performance in conversions. In the case of a campaign with Sky display ads in the UK in February 2011, we increased conversions by ten times the performance of their existing data. In every case where we have profiled users, our data has outperformed other methods that our partners have used. Our Big Vision To become the central place where a user stores their digital persona and where commerce comes to understand whom the user is and how to best service their needs. What’s different about VisualDNA? We gather data others either find hard to get or cannot get. This is both in terms of the actual data collected and through the extreme efficiency of the method of collection. Put simply, VisualDNA allows you to know people in a way that other methods are not able to do. By definition, behavioral targeting relies on a user ‘doing’ something that then can be understood. VisualDNA captures data that a user may never normally display through their online behavior. For instance, we can understand the core dimension of a user’s personality – extraversion, agreeableness etc. We can also understand aspects of their lives that they may never normally bring online such as how they exercise or what they normally eat, the type of transport they use to get to work. We can also understand their ‘taste’ and style preferences, which typically is extremely difficult to understand. What businesses will find VisualDNA useful? In a broad sense, any business that needs to understand its users better will benefit from VisualDNA. To be more specific though, businesses that have a wide variety of products and services, that are looking to provide a more relevant experience for their user, will benefit from this technology. The bigger the problem a business has in terms of understanding how to meet the diverse needs of its user base, the more effective VisualDNA can be. Understanding people Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of all successful commercial trading is to know what your customers want and need. VisualDNA is a technology that helps digital

The Job


Job type: Permanent full time

Remote working possible: no

Level of experience required:



This job is located in London, England, United Kingdom

Sorry, no agencies please