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VIDA is hiring

CTO for disruptive start-up in travel sector

You will be working for VIDA as CTO for disruptive start-up in travel sector

Who we are;
- Launched 2013
- Nominated for Prepaid Card of the Year 2014
- Went to No.1 on Money Supermarket
- See us here at https://www.vidafx.co.uk/

What we are looking to do;
Change the way people get travel money on both a consumer and corporate level.

Our vision goes much further into developing and aiding the entire travel customer journey (from trip research to arriving back home) via product features and big data.

Our top level goal is to create the most valuable travel data ever known. And in a sector worth £1.4 Trillion a year – that’s very valuable.

Why we are going to succeed;
We are the coolest, quickest, safest and cheapest – there are not many companies that are both the coolest and the cheapest.

Our biggest competitors were founded in the 1970’s and have the fixed costs and baggage that comes along with that.

We have no critical mass problem, our product works just as well on its own as with 1 billion users.

We have virality built in that accesses users existing networks of choice. We’re not trying to compete with facebook or twitter, and instead work with them.

What we are looking for;
A full-stack developer with a learning outlook. We don’t want you to know everything, but we want you to have the hunger to learn. We are currently built on aspx and MsSQL, however we are looking to redevelop our technology to what you advise and think would work best in terms of scalability and performance – You’re the lead!

It would also help if you have a taste for travel and culture. I am a big believer that if you live the product then you will be able to get that much closer to the users wants and needs.

- Web Technologies
- API integration
- iOS/Android knowledge

What we are offering;
A CTO position and equity in a potentially multi-billion pound company, you can be the initial architect of this disruptive product that millions of people around the world will use and love. The caveat of this being a role that challenges and interests you in every way, the ability to grow your own team, travel the world (you need to know the product better than anyone else) and become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Our next move is working with our issuing bank to develop our core technology and create the key differentiating feature, after which we will be looking to raise investment and allow you to begin building your team.

How to apply;
Drop us an email with your CV and Linkedin profile, then lets grab a coffee and chat about bringing the vision to life!

The Job


Job type: Permanent full time

Remote working possible: no

Level of experience required:



This job is located in London, England, United Kingdom

Sorry, no agencies please


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