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Unto This Last ltd is hiring

Solidworks - Cad/Cam operator -

You will be working for Unto This Last ltd as Solidworks - Cad/Cam operator -

Unto This Last is a furniture shop & workshop, based in East London, within the “Tech City area”.
We recently won a funding competition which allow us to expand our development team. (TSB – Tech City Launchpad)
See our application here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6Zh54YV0sY
We use Solidworks and Camworks to design furniture which are manufactured on site on our CNC machine, and assembled in front of our clients, at the back of the shop, in an “open workshop”.

We are looking for a Solidworks operator to prepare our parts, assemblies and machining files.
This is a 7 month, full-time contract from January 2013 till July, based in our premises in Brick Lane. It is part of a wider investment programme to update and develop our products range. Local applicants will be welcome.
Salary is £20 – £25,000 per year, prorata over 7 month, adjustable according to experience and results.

This is a very hands-on job within a team of 8 where the parts you programme in the morning, are manufactured in the afternoon, with direct feed-back from the makers.

We are looking for somebody with a year of more of Solidworks modelling in a professional environment, preferably with a direct link to production. A capacity to work independently is essential.

This is a job for a methodical person, with a taste for organisation and clarity: The work follows a structured process with established conventions, on a database of hundreds or products and thousands of parts. We need somebody interested in Solidworks administration as well as modelling.

The successful applicant will receive a specific training to learn the way we organise, locate and name features, dimensions, parts and files, and will be encouraged to contribute to a better organisation by developing his or her own organisation ideas.

Knowledge of Camworks will be a big advantage, but is not strictly necessary. We will provide training to our in-house machining process anyway.
A willingness to learn, to understand a complex organisation and contribute to its development are the qualities we are looking for.
Past experience in furniture manufacture or design will be appreciated, but this is not at all a requirement for the job. We would welcome experience from other fields in high-tech and lean manufacture. An interest for our long term project: improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the local craftsman with technology is what matters most.

To apply: Jobs@UntoThisLast.co.uk

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Job type: Permanent full time

Remote working possible: no

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This job is located in London, England, United Kingdom

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