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Jobs at SuperRational Ltd

Current openings

  • Rockstar CTO / Co-founder

    Highly creative fast-learner required for the actual answer to the music industry - an answer that's bigger, yet a lot simpler, than that claim... gifted CTO/co-founder permitting. We are looking for a motivated digital polymath. Either one who realises much with a narrow range of well chosen programming tools, or who combines a vast array to focussed effectiveness. (Or something persuasive in between). Someone who remembers from Napster that (a) music is why it flew and (b) the democratisation of creativity, musical a… View job >

About us

Delighted with your recording and you want album artwork to match?

Struggling to coordinate your short film project to deadline?

Online obligations leaving no headspace for your craft?

Committed to art but short of money?

A group of artists, producers and programmers is developing a unique

digital answer.


Superational will allow users to


  • Search, Discover and Connect with artists and producers
  • Crowdfund and Crowdsource new digital and live content
  • Collaborate online across artforms
  • Promote releases with minimal effort
  • Free up time to Focus on actual creative work
  • Get paid


  • Artist creates project
  • Artist sources creative team
  • Other creatives contribute to project
  • Different types of data can be stored, edited and contributed to remotely - think your preferred film / graphic design / music software stripped down to its essentials for collaboration, and combined
  • Individual contributions can still be created with artists’ preferred offline tools