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StatusCake.com - TrafficCake Limited is hiring

StatusCake.com - Developer

You will be working for StatusCake.com - TrafficCake Limited as StatusCake.com - Developer

Posted: September 2014

Job Role: Developer

Job Type: Permanent/Contract - Full Time

Location: London / Remote

Purpose of the Role & Responsibilities:

We have a position available immediately for a passionate developer to become the newest member of the small but highly driven StatusCake team.

As a developer you will be responsible, initially at least, for assisting with technical customer support. This grounding will help you understand how we work as a team, and give you the best possible understanding of our product, codebase and customers. The scope of the role will increase once the right candidate has a good knowledge of this.

As well as providing reactive technical support fixing reported bugs, we’re keen for a self-motivated and disciplined individual who has a passion for looking at code and wanting to constantly improve it; “good enough” isn’t in our vocabulary.

Preference will be given to those candidates able to demonstrate a passion for keeping an eye on emerging and innovative technologies, and are proficient using the languages and tools on which the StatusCake application and infrastructure is based: PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, MongoDB, DynamoDB, PHP, MySQL, CentOS, Git/SVN, Apache/Litespeed, and RESTful Gateways.

Required Skills:

PHP & MySQL (No Framework)


Knowledge of GIT

Desirable Skills:

We’d particularly like to hear from you if you have experience of working with one or more of the following:



Creative Suite Knowledge


RESTful Gateways

Required Personality:

Being part of a small team we’re looking for someone with the right personality mix, as well as your skills. We’re looking for someone who doesn’t just want a job, but has a passion and enthusiasm for coding.

You’ll be someone who can hit the ground running, but is ambitious and driven, and looking to stay with the company so that as your experience and understanding grows, you can enjoy a wider role with more responsibilities. We also love people that question technology and coding - how can that be done differently, better and more efficiently?

Application Requirements:

Please email us with the following:

A short bio on who you are, and what you’ve achieved so far.

Who have you worked for / what freelance or hobby projects have you worked on?

Tell us your GitHub or send us a link to one of your projects or your portfolio.

What do you like about StatusCake, but also what is wrong with it and what would you change?

Whether you’d like to join us in the office or work remotely.

Your salary expectations

(No Agencies)

The Company

Why work for us:

We’re always looking

At StatusCake.com we do things differently. We believe that it’s the customer and the people actually doing the work at the coalface who make the best product decisions.

We pride ourselves in hiring the best people regardless of their location, background, or qualifications. If they have that drive, ambition, and passion to work together and collaborate we welcome them into the team.

We’re growing. Grow with us – Part 1

We may be a relatively young company; but we’re growing fast. Not just customers and revenues, but our workload and challenges are growing as well.

Our StatusCake product has over 25,000 customers. We’re passionate about ensuring that the customer experience remains as good today as that first day when we launched. When we had more StatusCake staff than customers! That’s quite a challenge!

Two years on it’s more important than ever that each customer still feels part of a community. It’s something that is instilled into everyone who works at StatusCake. Whether we’re talking to a blogger, a small business owner, or a multi-national we’re always human – never corporate. The moment our customers feel they’re buying a commodity, god forbid insurance, it’s time to pull down the shutters!

We want you to feel the same. We want you to help us keep our customers happy, and it’s your chance to help develop new and exciting features and product ideas. And more importantly, have the passion to realise them!

We’re not working 9-5

Everyone one of us has given more than a little bit of their heart, mind, and soul to StatusCake. We’re looking for someone who can envisage themselves doing the same. And unlike a 9-5 “job” you’ll get the credit, freedom and rewards for helping us move to that next level.

Be warned, no day is the same. So if your natural response to something out of the ordinary, even extraordinary is “that’s not my job”, or “I’ve never done that before” then we’re not for you.

We’re growing. Grow with us – Part 2

Unlike some start-ups we don’t have free bars, free dry cleaning, or free canteens – but you may have heard, there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

We’ve built the company by being careful with our money. Instead of glitzy PR and sponsorships we’ve saved our money putting it back into the things that mean most. Our product, our customers, and our employees. This means that long after many start-ups have fizzled and died we’ll still be around.

We offer a competitive salary and very attractive bonuses. And just as importantly we offer an environment where everyone is passionate about what we’re doing as a company, where there’s a great sense of camaraderie, friendship, and looking out for each other.

We also know you won’t stay with us forever. You’re more ambitious than that right? But we want you to give it your all while you’re working with us! Learn from us, learn with us, and teach us a few things along the way. We’d love nothing more than in years to come seeing you running the next StatusCake, Facebook, or Google!

Where in the World?

We’re based in London, but if you’re based somewhere else then tell us why you want to be part of the team; and how working remotely shouldn’t stop us from working with you.

About us:

StatusCake.com is one of the leading website uptime monitoring solutions. In its two years since launch StatusCake has grown to serve tens of thousands of clients from bloggers through to SMEs, charities, blue-chips, and governments throughout the world.

The Job


Job type: Permanent full time

Remote working possible: yes

Level of experience required:

Salary/package: Annual Salary & Bonus


This is remote working job

Sorry, no agencies please