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Sidekick Studios is hiring

Tech Lead

You will be working for Sidekick Studios as Tech Lead

We are looking for an enigma.

That most elusive of creatures, a senior, creative, startup-loving, business-minded, design-aware techie who loves nothing more than getting stuck in to a new challenge.

Someone who works brilliantly with others, especially when those others are clients, freelancers, designers, product owners and business strategists.

Someone who can lead a project from a technology point of view; who can make the right tech choices for the team, for the users, for the business, for the design; who uses the latest technology where appropriate while understanding the associated risks.

Someone who is capable of building an entire product themselves but who can assemble a team around them to get stuff done when necessary.

Someone who loves creating brand new things; who understands the difference between a hack and a product and knows when to use them and how to move from one to the other.

Someone who’s comfortable developing customers but not afraid to crack open the text editor and get coding; someone who makes to think.

Someone who cares about the work they do and wants to make things that will change the world… for 1 person at least.

Someone who understands the value of learning and believes in the ability of small, dedicated teams of people – startups – to have a huge, positive impact.

We are confident that this person exists.

Sidekick Studios is a small company full of smart, friendly, talented people coming together to do great work. We work with all sorts of companies to create interesting, disruptive products and services that we think are worth making. We believe that to get the best out of people you must let them be themselves and do the work they want to do.

The person we’re looking for should be comfortable with Ruby – it’s our language of choice – and be willing to dabble in other technologies where necessary (e.g. iOS and Android). Any other technical skills (Processing, SysAdmin / DevOps stuff, whatever) so much the better.

To apply: ian@sidekickstudios.net

The Job


Job type: Permanent full time

Remote working possible: no

Level of experience required:



This job is located in London, England, United Kingdom

Sorry, no agencies please


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