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Plumbee is hiring

Automated Systems Engineer

You will be working for Plumbee as Automated Systems Engineer

We are a funded startup founded by a team of experienced leaders from the social gaming space. We’re looking for people with a startup attitude: who are highly motivated, energetic, and multi-talented; who speak up and have plenty of ideas; who work hard, play hard, and do whatever it takes to get the job done. In return we offer a small close-knit team, no legacy code, a casual and fun atmosphere, and the opportunity to make a real difference. So if you’re tired of the same old, come and build the next big thing with us!

We are seeking an automated systems engineer to help us design and develop the systems infrastructure of our social applications. Our current stack includes Flash, Java, MySQL and Linux on Amazon Web Services; and we work in a high-speed, iterative way, relying on automated testing, continuous integration, automated deployments, and real-time feedback from live systems. We also happen to be really fun people who kick ass at FIFA, Starcraft, and Singstar.

We are looking for:

* Experience operating consumer-facing distributed server systems involving hundreds of machines
* Deep understanding of Linux-based server systems, including a variety of standard tools and system metrics
* Experience building automated build, release, test, and deploy using Git, Maven, and Jenkins
* Ability to write well-structured, readable scripts, especially in Bash, Perl, and Python
* Familiarity with a variety of systems tools, from monitoring, alerting, and log aggregation to system performance analysis and tuning
* Knowledge of creating spec files and building RPMs
* Experience profiling, maintaining, and tuning database software, especially MySQL
* Experience profiling, maintaining, and tuning Java servlet containers and web servers, especially Jetty
* Familiarity with virtualized environments, especially EC2 and other Amazon Web Services
* Excellent understanding of networking protocols
* Excellent communication and teamwork skills
* Scientific and analytical approach to problem solving
* Computer science or related degree, or equivalent work experience

We also value:
* Knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and techniques such as non-RDBMS (noSQL) data stores, service-oriented architecture (SOA), messaging (JMS, AMQP) and event-driven architecture (EDA), REST
* Experience working in agile, iterative environments
* Familiarity with other programming languages, the more the better (especially Java, Javascript, Actionscript)
* Experience working with third party services such as social networks

Apply at http://plumbee.theresumator.com/apply/IhayX1/Automated-Systems-Engineer.html?source=Tech+City+Jobs

Check out our first game on Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/mirrorballslots

The Job


Job type: Permanent full time

Remote working possible: no

Level of experience required:



This job is located in London, England, United Kingdom

Sorry, no agencies please


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