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Jobs at imin

Current openings

  • a Clojure developer tasked with helping to make the world a better place

    Minimum 5 years full stack experience with a preference for back-end. Ideally 2+ years Clojure experience. Stack includes node.js, docker, postgres, AWS - full tech requirements here: http://www.imin.co/be-part-of-something-special#the_tech. Bonus: experience with APIs, search, open data / data standards. This is a hands-on leadership position - as well as directly contributing to development efforts, you will be mentoring, coaching and managing a small but growing development team. Ideally on-site, remot… View job >

About us

We're on an important mission to fix the global problem of physical inactivityTo do that, we're creating a new way to share data for the sector that will bring a new wave of open innovation. We believe technology can transform this sector for the better, and an ability to access the right data will be at the core of this transformation. We've come a long way since our beginnings, and now we're facing some fun and interesting challenges. Challenges that we must overcome swiftly and efficiently. Challenges that will need serious write-all-over-the-whiteboards-oh-snap-we-need-more-whiteboards levels of thinking. Challenges that we can't face alone. We need your help.