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Jobs at Flubit

Current openings

  • Operations Agent - Internship

    When you place an order, it's the operations team that are responsible for making sure it ends up at your door. We have our magic sauce that makes it all possible. The operations team have their own internal system that is the power-house behind efficiency and volume. This team is high-pressured, but made wonderful by the internal shenanigans of our awesome team members. . The role of ecommerce operative is to manage the request for products from users who come onto our website www.flubit.com and match them with retail… View job >

About us

Flubit is a rapidly growing e-commerce technology start-up. Our core product, Flubit.com, is a private marketplace that connects shoppers with online retailers via a revolutionary personalised shopping service. We have the power to create lower prices on products people are about to buy elsewhere. We create individual offers, and people buy from us instead. One in three people end up buying the offers we send them – this is an exceptionally high conversion rate.