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Current openings

  • Sales & Business Development Lead

    Role Description...Nothing inside text books but all outside on the streets!. The role will require the successful candidate to:. Explore the streets of London and list women's fashion brands (clothes, shoes, bags/belts/scarves, jewelry) that can come on board Prepare a sales pitch for each of these brands and establish contact leads Approach the corporate offices of these listed brands and make the sales pitch to get their merchandise on the platform View job >

About us

About Us...The next online marketplace ffosho.com is developing an online marketplace (currently in women's fashion) that will allow shoppers to bundle, bargain and buy. Shoppers can now bundle multi-brand products of their choice, bargain instantly with the platform within 3-5 minutes to get the best price deal and then buy that bundle. So imagine no more searching frantically for deals online or waiting till the end of the season to buy things you like. What's more you could also collaborate with friends to create bigger bundles and get bargains that individually you would have not :) - In that way, it is the start of digitally shared economy in retail (think Uber or Air BnB). The platform uses its unique bargaining algorithm to engage shoppers and bargain deals within 3-5 minutes. So if the shopper is smart and serious, she gets a good deal! ffosho.com is all about creating an online marketplace that empowers and engages both brands and shoppers alike...Very radical? This is why we think it may work and hopefully change the way people have always shopped online!