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Crowd Valley is hiring

Junior Coordinator

You will be working for Crowd Valley as Junior Coordinator

With customers from six continents, Crowd Valley is an infrastructure technology provider for crowdfunding, P2P lending and alternative asset marketplaces. We provide technology platforms, back office services and a global ecosystem of partners to our customers. Crowd Valley’s customers are established and pioneering financial services firms.Skills

We are looking for talented, motivated and entrepreneurial individuals to grow with us and help us realize our vision: catalyze a paradigm shift in the financial industry. We believe in letting crowdfunding and other online investing models transform the industry into a more effective ecosystem with fewer middlemen, with greater inclination towards efficiency, transparency and direct participation.
In particular we are looking for a highly motivated individual to join our organisational team, with great communicative and organizational skills, to work closely with our executive team and assist them in their day to day operations, as well as long term investments. You would have broad access to the company and upon proven fit, the role can evolve substantially in the company.
Be advised, Crowd Valley does not offer any traditional working positions and we absolutely value entrepreneurial commitment and those skills associated to pioneering a new, global market. If you don’t like routine and are looking for some adventure, this may be the right place for you.

Quick, motivated, able to work independently and own the outcome of a project.
Good holistic skills, able to see the whole project and coordinate key stages effective.
Can appreciate long term and short term balance.
Good at making decisions and standing by them, able to communicate these to others effectively.
Excellent written and verbal communication; unafraid to ask questions.
Passion for learning: ability, willingness and drive to learn new concepts and tools.
Able to coordinate different resources and tasks.
Good time management, able to multitask and juggle many things.
Entrepreneurial attitude and creative problem solving.
Comfortable with online tools and resources
Prior experience in a b2b company or working in an administrative capacity

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Job type: Freelance

Remote working possible: yes

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This is remote working job

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