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Corrob is hiring

Full-Stack Developer & Technical Lead

You will be working for Corrob as Full-Stack Developer & Technical Lead

Corrob is an online platform that helps Angels and VCs to manage their deal flow process better by enabling a customisable and transparent search engine of curated startups ready for investment. We believe in a world where the success of entrepreneurs and startups depend more on the right mentorship and contacts than simply raising funds.

The main project this role will focus on is to work with the co-founders on developing a prototype / MVP with the wireframe designs already in place. The duration of this development is open-ended right now but anticipated to be between 1 to 4 months depending on the candidate’s experience and availability. The outcome of this project is likely to lead onto a future permanent role either immediately after the launch or a short period afterwards.

The location of this position does not need to be fixed as the team is very mobile and constantly travels between London, Europe, and Hong Kong. Similarly, the working hours for this role is relatively flexible provided specific tasks and deadlines are met. The candidate needs to be independent and self-disciplined to accommodate such a flexible working environment.

The compensation for this role is largely dependent on the candidate’s experience and skills but also on their attitude and personality. We want to encourage the applicant to consider the attractive long term prospects following this position rather than the immediate monetary rewards.

The Job


Job type: Permanent part time

Remote working possible: yes

Level of experience required:

Salary/package: Negotiable


This is remote working job

Sorry, no agencies please


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