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Context Scout is hiring

Research Engineer in Semantic Graphing

You will be working for Context Scout as Research Engineer in Semantic Graphing

General search engines are inadequate for professional search needs. 
However, the dominance of search platforms like Google and Bing has resulted in lack of innovation in the commercial search space. We're looking for PhD doctorates who want to do the impossible and take on these giants.

We're looking for bold candidates who don't want to take the typical route out of academia and into the general software engineering positions available at these places. Instead we want people who can utilise their passion and expertise in semantic graphing and natural language processing to contribute to the next true innovation in search.

The ideal PhD doctorate will have published at the top conferences or journals in their field as a result of original, independent research. Knowledge of and intuition for semantic graphing and modelling principles will need to be demonstrated, as well as solid scientific programming skills. Experience with graph technologies, NLP, knowledge representation, and web search is particularly welcome.

Key tasks (depending on skills) for the next 12 months are: 
- To develop graphical modelling solutions for web data 
- To semantically link graphical data 
- To work on inference from graphical data 
- To facilitate realtime accessibility and modification of semantic graphs 
- To publish and represent Context Scout and national and international research venues

The Company

Why work for us:

Context Scout is a research-led software company developing new information retrieval and machine learning based approaches for web search. We use a combination of semantic graphing, task based IR, summarisation, and reinforcement learning techniques to enable automated professional assistance.

For professional knowledge workers, like sales personnel, recruiters, marketers, investors, and analysts, using general search tools to find and analyse information is problematic, with knowledge workers spending an average 19.1 hours per week on search and analysis tasks.

We are innovating in the web search space and want to provide the next generation of search products. At Context Scout we see static webpages as the basis for seeding dynamic layers of information automatically sourced from across the web. Our technology will represent a shift in web browsing behaviour with far-reaching implications for search, advertising, and web traffic.

About us:

A research-led software company developing new information retrieval and machine learning based approaches for web search, automated professional assistance, and task based IR.


The Job


Job type: Permanent full time

Remote working possible: no

Level of experience required:

Salary/package: 50k+ $ neg. equity


This job is located in London, United Kingdom

Sorry, no agencies please


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