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Code Army is hiring

Interim CTO

You will be working for Code Army as Interim CTO

If you find yourself enjoying doing the most dynamic part in driving the momentum of Non-Tech Founders into realising their dreams and ideas by digging into the whole spectrum of new ideas and challenges and getting them off the ground in their Startups, you’ve definitely found the one right spot.

Look no further, as we provide you the privilege to browse through a list of absolutely great Startup Ideas and apply to the one that you find most technically challenging, interesting and that which fits perfectly into your ideal choice of the Startup and its Non-Tech Founders.

Code Ar.my is an online personal CTO service for Non-Tech Founder starting a Startup. Our curated pool of CTOs help early idea-validation stage Founders in taking their validated ideas from Problem/Solution fit to the Product/Market fit. Getting their MVP to release 1.0.

Among the CTO Responsibilities:

  • High level understanding of the complete product, Who will use the product and What constitutes the MVP

  • Translate ideas into low fidelity mockup MVP, Test customer problems and Assure customer cares about the problem

  • Architect mockup MVP driven by customer behaviour data, Technology stack and prepares Founders for Engineering phase

    Research from our Founders show that it takes about a year or few years to find a CTO. With Code Ar.my, Non-Tech Founders get up and running within a week with a CTO.

    CTOs in our community on the other hand tell us that they are looking for Startups to be involved for a short-term period. Get them off the ground fast and lean. Providing that the Startups are technically challenging and are also solving an interesting problem.

    CTO Fees:

    • 2 to 20 contact hours a week between $35 to $150 an hour for 4-weeks per Startup

    We tell them that finding a Technical Co-Founder is like finding the perfect Partner in marriage. You’d want to go on a date first. Try each other out. See if you had a good personality fit and working relationship.

    If this problem resonates well with you, then it’s good to know we are solving the right problem.

    For details on the Company, do check out our URL at http://www.codearmy.com/

The Job

Team/Dept: Engineering

Job type: Hourly

Remote working possible: yes

Level of experience required:

Salary/package: USD35 - USD150 Per Hour


This is remote working job

Sorry, no agencies please


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