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Bazaarvoice is hiring

UX Designer

You will be working for Bazaarvoice as UX Designer

About Bazaarvoice:

Bazaarvoice is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that enables consumers to engage with retailers and manufacturers by posting reviews, asking / answering questions, and sharing their stories. Our software is integrated into 1000+ of the biggest brand sites on the web, including John Lewis, Thomas Cook, Boots and many more. We have millions of reviews in our databases, and power over 10 billion pageviews per month. We’re only 6 years old, and have been growing rapidly in employees, clients and new product opportunities.

Who We Want:

Looking for a company that gets UX? Bazaarvoice does. We build products that brands and their customers love, and our organization prizes a great user experience.

What kind of experiences are we designing? Bazaarvoice enables millions of online consumers across the globe to voice their honest opinions about products and services. More often than not, Bazaarvoice-powered interfaces are responsible for the bulk of a brand’s site engagement and personalization. On the flip side, we equip our clients — major brands like John Lewis, Macys, Walmart and Thomas Cook — with rich data-visualization tools that make it easy to analyze the massive influx of consumer feedback. One of the most exciting aspects of designing user experiences at Bazaarvoice is the sheer scale. The experiences you create will be enjoyed by over a thousand major brands and several hundred million consumers across the globe.

Also, Bazaarvoice Product Designers are at the forefront of understanding how social, mobile, and new forms of technology impact the commerce experience.

Key projects and responsibilities:
•Represent end-users in a product discovery leadership team. Organize user feedback into root problems, facilitate solution brainstorms, and help the team determine which ideas are worth further exploration.
•Own interaction design. Have the technical prowess to produce interactive user prototypes, but the pragmatism to assess what minimum fidelity is required for the task at hand, be it performing a usability study or simply communicating your design to a developer. Work with developers to produce live data prototypes when necessary, and identify which KPIs to measure.
•Create and promote visual design that has a positive impact on the overall UX. Share best practices with fellow designers and engineers as you discover them.
•Love UX. Deliver insights about our users to internal and external stakeholders. Share prototypes with leadership and clients, and get everyone fired up about concepts. Take pride in your success, and share your enthusiasm for UX with everyone around you.

You’ll enjoy this job if:
•You are an active collaborator. Because you are self-motivated and self-directing, you enjoy working with a small team of smart, energetic people like yourself. You are also inspirational and influential to all the teams around you.
•You have an exceptional knack for interaction design. Feedback and iteration are critical to your process.
•Your visual design skills are solid, and you are easily inspired by beautiful designs you experience in everyday life.
•You feel at ease in the high-tech world of casual-computing, mobile, or web.
•Your creativity is undeterred by technical challenges. You don’t mind figuring out how to code this or fake that; in fact, you sort-of like it. You already learned CSS, HTML, and Javascript (or a JS library) for past projects, and you look forward to opportunities to exercise that inner geek.
•You really, really want to be the person described in the above bullets.

Skills and Experience Necessary for the Role:

Minimum Qualifications:
•Demonstrated ability to design complex applications and large-scale consumer websites
•Expertise with design deliverables including interactive prototyping, wireframes, mockups, etc.
•Strong interaction design and visual skills
•Familiarity with HTML, Javascript/jQuery, and CSS
•Portfolio available for review

Preferred Qualifications: •Expertise in HTML, Javascript/jQuery, and CSS •Experience with user research methods like brainstorming, cognitive walkthroughs, surveys, and usability testing

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please give us a shout! We’d love to talk to you directly about the opportunities that Bazaarvoice has for you.

To apply: https://careers-bazaarvoice.icims.com/jobs/1567/job?mode=view

The Job


Job type: Permanent full time

Remote working possible: no

Level of experience required:



This job is located in London, England, United Kingdom

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