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Audiowings Ltd is hiring

'Build' Manager/ Chief 'Maker' of things

You will be working for Audiowings Ltd as 'Build' Manager/ Chief 'Maker' of things

Hi. We’re Audiowings. We don’t believe in job roles. But we DO believe the way we listen to music is about to change…

We’re building a pair of internet-enabled headphones. Our headphones will allow our users to access their audio from content providers like Spotify on the move, without the need for a smartphone. Imagine. All your Audio. Anywhere you go. All on your Headphones. That’s our vision.

We’ve been working with agencies for the last year helping us build prototypes. We’re looking for someone who is a self-certified ‘maker’ to help us reach our design vision.

So who are we looking for?

– someone with low level electrical engineering knowledge or experience – someone who knows their way around Solidworks – someone who has played with a 3D printer and knows how to operate one – someone who is not afraid of breaking expensive looking toys – someone who won’t try and use a soldering iron to iron their clothes

We’re a small team with a lot of experience in the corporate and military sectors. You’ll be confident working with experienced engineers, whilst also being driven by creating beautiful customer-orientated products. You’ll also be able to give direction to agencies and 3rd parties that we work with.

Most importantly, you’re someone who shares our vision. Someone who has a passion for innovation. And crucially, someone who is a self starter and proactive do-er.

Salary plus options are available for the right candidate. Due to the size of the current team, this role has the potential to rapidly grow into a true co-founder/Director role.

Looking forward to speaking to you!


The Job


Job type: Permanent part time

Remote working possible: no

Level of experience required:



This job is located in London, England, United Kingdom

Sorry, no agencies please


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